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Harverd Material


Harvard Profile

Composites and Bonding

Post Cementing and Core Build-Up


Temporary Materials


Glass Ionomer Cements for Restorations

Glass Ionomer Cements for Luting

Bite Registration and Impression Materials

Accessories and More

Harvard Dental All Products Catalog















Lancer Orthodontic


Lancer Orthodontics Catalog



















 Kohler Sinus-Lift-Instrumente







What the Biomet 3i ?
Implant & Abutment System Connections Implant Body & Connection Types Certain® Platform Switching Implants Surface Technologies.



What the Componeer™?
Direct Composite Veneers Innovative and amazingly easy restoration of anterior teeth


   Harvard MTA universal OptiCaps®       Harvard Bond SE Dua        Harvard Temp C&B

What the Harvard™?
DirectHarvard Dental International presents a number of innovative product developments of modern cements and materials which satisfy highest standards of quality. The portfolio ranges from temporary treatment with luting cements to provisional crown and bridge material and to definitive luting cements




What the VDW™?
For 145 years, our products have played a big part in shaping the endo world the way it is today. We owe our success to thousands of dentists, endodontic specialists and our highly dedicated employees worldwide.



What the Whisper?

We’re proud to offer Intrigue Whisper™, the highest quality aesthetic bracket on the market. Polycrystalline material makes Intrigue Whisper the only With Sapphire available. They’re not only discreet, they’re virtually invisible.




       HAMA-Surf            HAMA- INSTRU™            HAMA-JET™               Valley Hand GEL™

What the Hamaya Foctory™?
Kol Al Hamaya factory for medical products, Saudi Arabia is a manufacturer and marketer of a dental and disinfectant & Infection control products



What the Koler GmbH™?
German dental instruments manufacturers. We export 85 per cent of the 4000 instruments in our portfolio via exclusive retailers and wholesalers,





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